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Welcome to Detention

What did you expect? A party?

Detention Hall
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Welcome to D Hall!
This is detention_hall, a place run by the_edjucator to dump scans of Japanese music CD booklets and the like. More than likely will expand into just anything scanned, but for now it has Japanese CD booklets.

The point? I'm sure there are other people out there who want to find good scans of Japanese CD booklets they have to add to their iPods or whatever else you need cover art for.
Classroom Rules
Rule #1: Keep your hands and feet to yourself!

My scans are by no means the best on the planet, but you can make them better with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, etc. It doesn't matter to me what you do with the scans after you download them, but a credit would be nice. Thank you!

Rule #2: Don't talk to your neighbors!

Comments aren't really required, but it would be nice if you did. If you want to share some of the scans with a friend, please link them to the comm instead of the download link. Just a minor courtesy, y'see.

Rule #3: Don't talk about Fight Club outside of Fight Club.

I don't really mind if you link my entries on other communities that might be interested. If you give me a heads up about it, though, that would be quite cool.

Rule #4: Don't leave without the pass!

I have a post with a list of CDs I own that you may ask if I could push forward and scan those first or something. I'm not too picky about what order these are scanned in. Some booklets are just lyrics and art with no photographs of the actual band/group members so I try to put those towards the end. If you really want to see them, though, I can push them up!

The collection of Japanese CD scans mostly consists of artists affiliated with Johnny & Associates. I also have scans for artists Last Alliance, Suga Shikao, Orange Range, and a few others. The Grand Index of JBooklets is here! The Grand Index of Johnnys scans that I have will be posted soon.
The Blackboard
That's about all as far as rules and the like go. If you want to affilate or friend, that's cool. I hope you find something to complete your collection or get you interested in a new artist!